From CHANEL, with love

Have you or someone you know wrongfully used the fashion label ‘CHANEL’?  Are you guilty of using words or phrases such as “CHANEL for now” “CHANEL-issime” “CHANEL-ed” “CHANEL-esq” “CHANEL-ized” or any word/phrase using the CHANEL name to describe something that is not actually tagged with the CHANEL label ?  If so, the advertisement posted on the last page of WWD(Women’s Wear Daily) today, Monday, June 18, 2012, is targeted and meant just for you!

It seems as though the world-renowned and well-recognized label CHANEL is fed up with editors, advertisers, copywriters, and “well-intentioned mis-users” using the brand name to describe something that may be similar to a CHANEL piece but is not.  As it is clearly stated in the advertisement, they recognize their style is famous but a piece is not a CHANEL piece if it was not designed, created, and tagged by CHANEL.  The ad continues by stating how flattered they are by those “CHANEL-ized” words created and used, but they need to stop.  To finalize, they mention how much their lawyers detest this.  Threat? Possibly.

We at BLANDÓN recognize and respect the elegance and high-fashion that is CHANEL.  Although we see the use of the name CHANEL in the context described in the advertisement as flattery, we also understand the importance and value of a real CHANEL piece.  The label has been a major contributor and leader in the fashion industry.  From its’ roots and beginnings providing women with self-confidence and empowerment to the lifestyle it is today, CHANEL deserves our respect and acknowledgement.  We also think the ad not only advertises the mis-use of the brand name, but also serves as a full-page ad simply about CHANEL reminding us of their uniqueness and prestige.

What do you say?



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2 responses to “From CHANEL, with love

  1. Altough I completly oppose all knock off and plagerisms, I think this is a bit annoying if it’s seriously meant by Chanel. Which I suspect it’s not. Language developes, phenomenons and ideas gets their names from the trendsetter all the time.

  2. Alex

    Its like “Kleenex” stating that the word kleenex may not be used for describing brands that is not made by Kleenex……get over it…you are a standard!

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