Welcome to BLANDÓN!

The BLANDÓN label creates and designs garments for the confident women of today. It is a women’s ready-to-wear contemporary fashion line with edge and no expiration date.  Lesly Blandón, designer, has a profound passion and connection to creating women’s clothing. His extensive experience designing and styling for various fashion lines since 2000, listening to what women want, and understanding their form and psyche, have guided and inspired him in creating his pieces. The garments allow all women to reflect their unique style, personality, and individual beauty.

BLANDÓN opened its’ designs and creativity to the fashion world summer 2011. The label is based in the fashion capital of the world, New York City, and it’s co-owned and managed by partners Lesly Blandón and Marlon S. Lasa.  BLANDÓN is represented with the experienced and exceptional showroom Smart Alex also based out of New York City.

The ‘BLANDÓN blog’ will serve as a communication gateway discussing its’ progress and development of current season, ideas for the future and inspirations, and a link to those supporting the brand and sharing a passion for fashion.

Welcome all to BLANDÓN blog!


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